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The case for supranational trade

The gradual abolition of barriers to trade between countries has long been considered a driving force behind economic growth, leading to greater levels of prosperity across the globe. The recent tide of anti-establishment political movements sweeping across the developed world is likely to slow down this process, but world leaders should work together to ensure continued co-operation that is beneficial to all parties involved. The Red Sea region in particular stands to benefit from increased co-operation. … More

Connecting the Red Sea

The Red Sea has played a pivotal role in global trade for millennia. In the time of the pharaohs, it was at the heart of the global spice trade. Today, it is an essential global artery, feeding Western demand for hydrocarbons and facilitating the flow of goods between Europe and booming Asian markets. so we clearly aim to have a strong Red Sea trading corporation More than 10% of world trade moves through the Red Sea basin every year, a figure that is set to increase as Egypt doubles the capacity of the Suez Canal. … More

The Red Sea Opportunity

Reading the global headlines today it is easy to think that there is not a lot of good news coming out of our part of the world. We read of conflict and division. We read of economic woes and sectarian strife.

While it is true that there are real challenges in the Red Sea region, it is also true that there are many opportunities, today and into the future. … More