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The Red Sea Bridge initiative is an innovative program to support the development of entrepreneurs and SMEs by connecting small companies around the region with opportunities and partners in other geographies.

With the support of corporate sponsors and government partners to make a strong Red Sea Corporation, the Bridge Initiative aims to create opportunities to strengthen the economics of participating countries, enhancing job creation activities and provide a unique platform for SMEs to engage in cross-border business with lower barriers to entry and risk.

The Bridge Initiative is a framework program to enhance bilateral and multilateral business ties between countries in the Red Sea Region. The Initiative combines a phyiscal Launch Pad and Landing Pad providing on-the-ground support in each participating country along with a regulatory ‘corridor’ designed to remove barriers to market entry and reduce the risk for SMEs establishing their first oversea presence.

The pilot program in the Bridge Initiative is the KAEC-Jordan SME Bridge Program, sponsored by King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) and supported by the Jordanian Royal Court. The Program consists of representative offices in both Amman and KAEC to provide advisory services and procedural support to SMEs, a one-stop regulatory window to manage licensing and registration and access to business networks in both countries to enhance opportunities of collaboration with like-minded companies.

The KAEC-Jordan SME Bridge Program also includes a startup competition, providing 10 Jordanian SMEs with an in-kind endowment to enable them to procure business research and advisory services, virtual representation, business and residential accommodation, transportation services and administrative support.

The KAEC-Jordan SME Bridge Program is the first program focused on supporting the growth of international SME’s in Saudi Arabia, reducing the time, cost and risk of establishing an operation in the region’s largest market.